On the basis of rotary drum dryer, the chicken manure dryer machine are optimized for the drying of chicken manure, cow manure, pig manure and other kinds of livestock manure. The dried manure is not only convenient for transportation and storage, but also has the advantages of deodorization and sterilization, which is deeply loved by the majority of farms and farmers. So when the chicken manure dryer is installed, how much is the proper inclination angle? Here’s a brief talk about the inclination of the drum of chicken manure dryer. I hope it can help you when you use it.

The drum of chicken manure dryer is a slightly inclined rotating cylinder. With the rotation of the cylinder, chicken manure moves to the bottom by gravity. In the process of wet chicken manure moving forward in the cylinder, hot air is directly or indirectly obtained to heat, which makes a large amount of water in wet chicken manure evaporate and dry, and then the dry chicken manure of the finished product is sent out at the discharge end. In this process, the tilt of the drum can effectively help chicken manure move forward in the drum, improve the heat utilization rate of chicken manure in the drum, and facilitate the drying operation of chicken manure dryer.

Generally speaking, the drum tilt angle of chicken manure drying machine is 3-6 degrees, which is acceptable in this tilt range. The specific installation inclination of chicken manure dryer depends on the characteristics of materials, dry humidity, cylinder speed and other factors. Let’s see how to prevent the chicken manure dryer from sliding down during operation.

During the installation and commissioning of the equipment, the center line of the supporting wheel and the center line of the barrel of the chicken manure dryer shall be adjusted according to the non parallel. When the supporting wheel rotates, it will produce an axial velocity to the cylinder, that is to say, there is an axial force to offset with the sliding force of the cylinder, which makes it difficult for the cylinder to produce axial movement. However, when adjusting the supporting roller, the direction and size of the angle between the roller and the supporting roller should be adjusted correctly according to the requirements, otherwise it will cause the opposite effect and accelerate the sliding.

The above is the chicken manure dryer in the installation of the tilt angle how much more appropriate problem, I hope that we can help when using chicken manure dryer machine. Sunco Machinery is a professional chicken manure dryer manufacturer integrating R & D, production and sales. If you need to buy chicken manure dryer, welcome to visit our factory.