► Brief Introduction of poultry manure dryer :
Poultry Manure Drying machine is used to process and dry wet manure with high humidity up to 70-75% directly. After being dried, the moisture content of the chicken manure can be reduced to be about 15-30% or as need, and the dry chicken manure can be used as high quality organic fertilizer and animal feed, and also can be used as animal feed for pigs, fish, etc.
Poultry Manure Drying System has the features of stable operation, wide application, large poultry manure drying capacity, compact structure, less land occupation, easy operation, less maintenance cost, etc.

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► Working Principle of poultry manure dryer machine:
Heating system — Wet Manure Feeding system — Wet ManureDrying system – Dry Manure Discharging system – Exhaust air discharging system – Exhaust air treatment system.
Working Principle of poultry manure drying machine: The dry hot flue gas generated by combustion enters into the dryer under the action of induced draft fan, and then heat the cylinder wall and wet manures, under the action of the lifting plates and the inner chambers, the wet manure moves towards the discharge end in a spiral shape. In the process of moving, the wet chicken manure continuously absorbs the heat of the cylinder wall, rises and falls continuously, and carries out heat exchange with dry hot flue gas. After reaching the discharge end, the dry chicken is discharged by the output screw conveyor, and the exhaust air and water vapor is discharged through deodorization tower into atmosphere.

When the dry chicken manure leaves the poultry manure dryer, it is still hot with temperature about 60-70 centigrades. Before packing, it is necessary to lay the hot dry chicken manure on the ground, and cool down it gradually. To do it in this, can avoid the dry chicken manure get wet again in the bags, and form lump type manure.

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