On the basis of rotary drum dryer, the chicken manure drying equipment optimizes the drying of chicken manure, cattle manure, pig manure and other kinds of livestock manure. The dried manure is not only convenient for transportation and storage, but also has the advantages of deodorization and sterilization, which is loved by the majority of farms and farmers. We all know that the core device of the chicken manure drying equipment is the drum, in which materials are dried. So what are the special advantages of the drum of chicken manure drying equipment in drying?

The chicken manure drying equipment is developed by professional equipment developers, and it is developed according to the nature of chicken manure, so its performance in drying operation is also very excellent. It can dry fresh chicken manure quickly, and the single processing capacity is large, and the output is high, so users do not have to worry about not meeting the market demand, and the heat utilization efficiency of chicken manure drying equipment It is extremely high and can fully absorb the heat energy of fuel combustion, so the water of chicken manure evaporates quickly and the drying efficiency is high. In addition, it reduces the production cost and is more friendly to the environment, so the frequency of use is still very high.

The high efficiency of chicken manure drying machine is closely related to its drying cylinder. The drying cylinder is the main position of the operation. The drying cylinder is made of excellent materials, so the heat preservation effect is very good. We know that it is very important to keep the temperature stable in the drying operation, which is the premise of high efficiency operation. The heat preservation effect of the drying cylinder of chicken manure drying equipment is good, reducing The loss of heat energy completely meets the national requirements for production and processing equipment. And chicken manure dryer can effectively kill bacteria and parasite eggs in chicken manure, which has good environmental protection. Drying treatment, so that chicken manure as a private chat and fertilizer use, deeply loved by customers.