For many layer farm owners, it is one headache problem for processing and drying wet chicken manure. Sure they are very caring the price of chicken manure drying machine.

Then, what is the price of chicken manure drying machine ?

According to the drying capacity need, the price of chicken manure drying machine is also very different. The price of smallest chicken manure dryer is about USD12,000, and for large capacity chicken manure dryer which’s price surely is much more expensive.

The price of chicken manure dryer is one key point for the customers to buy it, but also the reasonable design of chicken manure dryer also is very important. If the price is very cheap, but in actual operation the related chicken manure dryer can not process and dry enough quantity of wet chicken manure, and also occurs many problems. It surely also is not good for the customers.

Sunco Machinery is one professional manufacturer of chicken manure dryer machine. We have focused on the research and developement of chicken manure drying machine more than 18 years, and we have sufficient successful actual experience on the drying of chicken manure.

If you are in need of chicken manure dryer, please feel free to contact us and supply the below information:

01. Do you need to dry the fresh chicken manure directly ? Or what is the usual initial moisture content (%) of wet chicken manure which is ready to be dried ?

02. After the chicken manure drying process, what is the needed output moisture content (%) of the dry chicken manure?

03. How many tons wet chicken manure do you need to dry per hour ?

04. Regarding to the heat source, what kind of fuel will you prefer to use such as waste wood, coal, diesel, or natural gas, etc ?

05. Other special requirements if you have ?

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