Poultry Manure Dryer Machine by Sunco Machinery is specially designed for processing and drying chicken manure with high humidity directly and quickly.

Poultry Manure Dryer Machine is to use high temperature flue gas to heat and dry the wet manure strongly. During the drying process, the water is evaporated into vapor, and to be sucked out by the induced draft fan in time.

For the poultry manure dryer machine, the chicken manure drying time inside the dryer is only about 15-20 minutes, then you can get the dry poultry manure.

After being dried by poultry manure dryer machine, the moisture content of manure can be reduced to be about 13%-15% or as need. Humidity 13%-15% is the safety storage moisture content and such dry chicken manure is suitable to be packed into bags for transportation and long term storage. The chicken manure will not become wet again or into lump type after some days storage.

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Regarding to the moisture content of dry chicken manure, some customers only required that the moisture content of dry chicken manure to be less than 30% and it is ok for them. They may use pellet mill to make the chicken manure into fertilizer pellets as need, and then dry it again to the safety storage humidity.

For the chicken farms, the reasone they need to process and dry the wet chicken manure fast is that: Not only the wet chicken manure is with high humidity and can not be used as organic fertilizer which will burn the roots of crops, but also after the storage time of wet chicken manure is more than one day, strong odor will occur which is mainly generated by H2S, NH4, etc.  What is more, it even will cause dieses on the chicken as the harmful bacterials.

Poultry manure dryer machine for Sunco Machinery successfully help to solve the above headache problems. For the fresh chicken manure generated everyday, the poultry manure dryer machine can process and dry it in the same day directly, but also help to reduce the odor as much as possible.

In the past, if the chicken farm owner does not process the chicken manure by themselves, they may give the wet chicken manure to other people with very low price, or even have to pay for the process of chicken manure. Actually it is a waste of resource and money.

As the short digestive of chicken, much of the nutrition elements is left in the chicken manure such as N,P,K and organic material. By using our Poultry manure drying machine, only the water is get rid of , and most of the nutrition material is kept in the dry chicken manure. The dry chicken manure can be used as high quality organic fertilizer for crops, plants, flowers, vegetables, etc. What is more, the dry chicken manure also can ge used as animal feed for fish, pigs, etc.

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