Sunco Machinery delivered one set of Output Capacity 12 t/h Poultry Manure Dryer Machine for Thailand CP Group. Their raw material is fermented poultry manure with moisture content about 35-40%.

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The requirement information of poultry manure drying machine of Thailand CP Group is as follows:

We are looking for the rotary poultry manure dryer for compost chicken manure at 15 TPH for feeding to the pallet mill plant. Our porduct is mainly about fertilizer. And the manure is mixed with the farm bedding material that is rice husk. The input of poultry manure dryer machine has 35% moisture content at 15-19 TPH and the output is 12-16% MC at 12-15 TPH

The fuel, we mainly use coal(5,500-6,000 kcal/kg) and sometime biomass such as, corncob, woodchip, dry palm-oil seedcoat(by product from oil industry) etc.

We need the deordizer unit and the full set of dust collector which have to be includeed the chicken manure dryer.

Our site is 250 km. from Bangkok.

We have the calculation for airflow and pressure which indicate the Q(cmH) at blower should be 42,300min and the Static pressure should be 4,050 Pa(min). Cloud you change the blower spec to be that value? If yes please re-correct the quotation.

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