Sunco Machinery designed and supplied one set of poultry manure drying machine for egypt customers.

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The background information for the Poultry manure dryer machine is as follows:

Raw Material: Chicken Manure, poultry litter.
The main target of the process is sanetizing more than drying. In other words poultry manure drier needs to kill all the germs and microbes in the manure we need to expose it to a high temperature of 140-160 degree c for 4-5 minutes.
Intial Moisture content: 25-30%,
Output moisture content: 5%.
Fuel: We want to use the manure itself. Our manure is about 80% manure and 20% wood saw dust and straw, with calorific value of about 10MJ @ 25% humidity. So actually we need also a Biomass burner with the dryer.
Input Capacity: 2 Ton/hour poultry manure drier.

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