Sunco Machinery delivered one set of small capacity Poultry Manure Dryer Machine for Nepal customers.

Nepal customers has one layer chicken farm with about 110,000 hens, and everday can the layer farm can generated about 11-12 tons fresh poultry manure with moisture content about 65-70%. They prefer to use waste wood as fuel, and every day the poultry manure drying line can work 8-10 hours. After being dired by poultry manure dryer machine, it is ok to reduce the moisture content of chicken litter to be about 20%.

Poultry manure dryer machine mainly includes:

Poultry Manure Dryer, Poultry Manure Drying machine, Drying poultry manure machine

(1) Waste Wood fired hot air furnace: to burn the waste wood, and generated the needed high temperature air for the poultry manure dryer machine.

(2) Input Screw Conveyor: to feed wet chicken manure into poultry manure dryer Hot air furnace for poultry manure dryer machine.

(3) Poultry manure dryer is to use high temprature air to heat and dry the wet poultry manure strongly and sufficiently, and reduce the moisture content of poultry manure to be about 15% or as need which is suitable for packing and long term storage.

(4) Draft fan makes high temperature air out of hot air furnace, and come into poultry manure dryer machine, after the drying process, makes exhaust air and water vapor out of the poultry manure dryer, then goes into cyclone separator.

(5) Cyclone separator is used to separate the fine dust from exhaust air and water vapor.

(6) Deodorization tower is working together with recycling water pool, and lighten the odor of exhaust air.

(7) Electric control cabinet is used to control all the above machines of the poultry manure dryer system.