Application of Organic Fertilizer Dryer :

Organic Fertilizer Dryer Machine is specially designed for drying organic fertilizer, and it is developed from rotary drum dryer, but some key design of the dryer machine is optimized according to the features of organic fertilizer.

The types of raw material for producing organic fertilizer usually as follows:

(1) Fresh animal manure such as chicken manure, poultry dung, cow dung, sheep manure,etc. Such manure is with high humidity up to about 75%.

(2) Fermented animal manure: According to certain ratio, mix the animal manure, biomass material such as rice husk,sawdust, straw powder,etc and fermentation bacterial, then the fermentation process takes about 40 day less or more. During the fermentation process, periodically needs to mix the manure as need. After the fermentation process, not only the moisture content of fermented manure is reduced to be about 40%, but also as the organic material become thoroughly decomposed, and it is more easy to be absorbed by the crop and plant.

After being dried by Organic Fertilizer Dryer:

(1) The dry manure can be directly used as organic fertilizer for the crop and plant.

(2) To make the dry manure into organic fertilizer pellet.


Introduction of Organic Fertilizer Dryer:

Organic Fertilizer Dryer by Sunco is ideal for the drying of fresh animal manure and fermented manure. The key equipment of organic fertilizer dryer is rotary drum dryer which is specially designed according to the features of raw material.

Organic Fertilizer Dryer mainly by Sunco consists of hot air furnace,inlet cover, outlet cover, rotary cylinder, lifting plates, big gear, pinion gear, reduction gear box, frequecy conversion motor, heat insulation layer, carrier rollers, stopping rollers, inlet chute, outlet chute, special crushing device, air duct, cyclone dust separator, input belt conveyor, output belt conveyor, etc.


Working Principle of Organic fertilizer dryer:

(1) Burner and hot air furnace generate high temperature air for the organic fertilizer drying machine.

(2) Input belt conveyor feeds the wet manure into the organic fertilizer.

(3)  Inside the organic fertilizer dryer machine, the special designed inner structure of the dryer disperse the wet manure sufficiently, increase the heat contact area between the high temperature air and wet chicken manure as much as possible, thus make sure the organic fertilizer dryer can have good heat exchanging efficiency.

What is more, Organic fertilizer drying machine supply enough drying space. water evaporation space and drying time for the wet poultry manure.  The length and diameter of the organic fertilizer dryer decide the processing capacity. By adjusting the rotation speed of the dryer cylinder, then to control the wet manure drying time.  If the output moisture content of dry poultry manure is too high, then reduce the rotation speed of organic fertilizer dryer so that it can have longer drying time. If the output moisture content of dry chicken manure is too low, then increase the rotation speed of organic fertilizer dryer machine so that it can have shorter drying time.

(4) Draft fan makes high temperature air into Organic fertilizer dryer, and make the exhaust air and water vapor of the dryer in time.

(5) Most of the dry organic fertilizer comes out from the outlet of the dryer , and still there is litter fine powder is mixed with the exhaust air and water vapor, then goes into cyclone dust separator.

(6) In the cyclone dust separator, the fine powder is separated from the exhaust air and vapor. The fine powder come out through the bottom outlet of the cyclone dust separator, and the exhaust air and vapor goes out from the top and then pass through the draft fan, then goes into deodorization tower.

(7) Deodorization tower help to lighted the odor of exhaust air.

(8) Dry organic fertilizer is taked to product storage area for packing or making into organic fertilizer pellets.

(9) Electric control cabinet is used to control all the above machines.


Processing Capacity of Organic fertilizer dryer:

Sunco organic fertilizer drying machine’s processing capacity is from 500kg per hour to 15,000kg per hour or as need.


Necessary Information needed for calculate and design the Organic Fertilizer Dryer Machine:

(1) What kind of raw material is it, such as chicken manure, cow dung, etc ?

(2) What is the usual moisture content (%) of the wet manure ?

(3) How many kgs wet manure do you need to dry per hour ?

(4) Regarding to the heat source, what kind of fuel will you prefer to use such as coal, waste wood, biomass fuel, diesel, natural gas, etc ?

(5) After the drying process, what is the needed output moisture content (%) of the dry organic fertilizer needed ?


How to have the detailed solution and quotation of Organic fertilizer dryer machine ?

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