On the basis of traditional rotary drum dryer, the chicken manure dryer is speciallty designed for the drying of chicken manure, cow manure, pig manure and other kinds of livestock manure. The dried manure is not only convenient for transportation and storage, but also has the advantages of deodorization and sterilization, which is deeply loved by the majority of farms and farmers. Then how to solve the problem of chicken manure overheating of chicken manure dryer ? Here’s a brief talk about the solution of chicken manure overheating after drying, hoping to help you.

We want to know why the chicken manure dryer machine works. First, we need to know the principle of the chicken manure dryer:

The drying principle of chicken manure dryer is that the whole equipment presents a slightly inclined rotating cylinder with a special spiral structure inside. The chicken manure also moves from the feeding end to the discharging end with the rotation of the cylinder. During the moving process, the hot air blower blows the hot air to the materials in the chicken manure dryer for drying with animal materials. The finished chicken is then delivered at the discharge end. In this process, it needs the cooperation of all parts of the material drying equipment to achieve the best drying effect.

At this time, if the temperature of chicken manure is high when the chicken manure drying equipment is discharging, some reasons may be as follows:

1. The air flow speed of the fan of the chicken manure dryer is too low. Due to the higher speed of the wet fog water vapor than the air flow during drying, the upward rotating air flow is generated to make the dry powder enter the high-temperature area, and the temperature of this part of products will be higher when they are discharged under high temperature. We can increase the air volume of the fan to solve the problem.

2. If the drum tail gas temperature of the chicken manure dryer is high, and the dried materials are entrained by the tail gas when discharging, the temperature of the dried products will be affected, because the temperature is high when discharging. The outlet temperature of the dryer equipment can be controlled by reducing the inlet temperature of hot air or increasing the feed quantity of wet chicken manure, so that the system can form a heat balance relationship to meet the outlet temperature of the exhaust gas.

3. In addition, the high temperature of the hot blast furnace will also cause the high temperature of the material when discharging. The high temperature of the hot blast furnace will not only cause the excessive drying of the material, but also increase the use of fuel and increase the operation cost. At this time, we can reduce the temperature of the hot blast stove, reduce the fuel delivery or increase the rotation speed of chicken manure drying machine.