On the basis of drum drying equipment, chicken manure dryer is specially developed and optimized for drying chicken manure, pig manure and cow manure materials. It has the advantages of stable structure, convenient operation and strong processing capacity, and is deeply loved by the majority of users. The sales of chicken manure drying equipment is also rising steadily. Recently, a friend reported that when using the chicken manure dryer, the fire power is insufficient and the materials cannot be dried normally. Here’s a brief talk about how to effectively solve the problem of insufficient fire power of the chicken manure dryer, hoping to help you.

When we use the chicken manure dryer equipment, many friends are most concerned about how to keep the chicken manure dryer more efficient at all times. We should check the thermal insulation performance of the barrel, and then adjust the fire power of the fan and the rotation speed of the drum according to the humidity of the material, so as to maximize the efficiency of the chicken manure dryer equipment. The operator’s experience is also very important. The equipment can be adjusted at any time according to the drying conditions of materials.

In this process, there are many factors that affect the equipment of the chicken manure drying machine. The factors that affect the drying efficiency are the rotating speed of the drum, the length of the drum, the heat preservation performance of the drum wall and the temperature of the hot air blower. The moisture content of the materials has a great influence on the efficiency of the dryer. If we want to maximize the efficiency of the dryer, we must achieve the overall operation of the chicken manure dryer Optimal. The experience of operators is also indispensable.

In order to adjust the indoor temperature of the chicken manure dryer, it is necessary to test the temperature regularly, as well as the time of adding fuel, and make rational use of fuel. In this way, the internal temperature of the dryer can be ensured to be balanced. If the temperature is too high or too low, the dryer will fail. The ventilation volume of the internal equipment of the chicken manure dryer can not be controlled by the air lock of the dryer, which can make the materials have a good drying environment, ensure the uniform drying of the materials, and reduce the waste of heat. In this way, the use efficiency of chicken manure dryer machine can be greatly improved.