Generally, drum drying equipment is selected for chicken manure drying, which can dry chicken manure, cattle manure, pig manure, sheep manure and other materials well, effectively kill bacteria and parasites in the manure, facilitate storage and transportation and other subsequent processing operations. As the power source of chicken manure drying equipment, how to deal with the motor abnormality when it is used? Here, I will talk with you about how to deal with the heating of the electric motor of the chicken manure drying equipment.

The motor of the chicken manure drying equipment is mainly used to drive the rotation of the drum, so as to move the animal material forward and carry out effective drying operation. If the motor overheats, it needs to be dealt with in time. If the motor overheats seriously, it will even cause the motor to burn down and cause the chicken manure drying equipment to shut down. When we use the motor, we need to add grease to the motor regularly to ensure the heat dissipation inside the motor and prevent rusting.

If there is no problem in the way of using the chicken manure drying machine and the motor is still hot, we need to check the internal part of the motor. The heat pipe is an important component of the heat dissipation of the motor. If the heat pipe of the motor is damaged, the heat inside the motor will not be discharged normally, which will also cause the abnormal high temperature inside the motor. If it is serious, it will exceed the bearing of the motor The motor may burn down due to capacity. Affect the operation of the whole chicken manure drying equipment. In this case, it is necessary to replace the heating pipe of the chicken manure drying equipment in time to repair the generator.

In addition, the reverse rotation of the motor blades of the chicken manure dryer machine will also cause the motor to generate heat, and the temperature will continue to rise, which seriously affects the normal operation of the motor. At this time, we should disconnect the power supply, change the motor position, and make the blades rotate in the right direction, which can effectively solve the problem of motor overheating。