Necessity of Fresh Chicken Manure Drying Machine:

The moisture content of fresh chicken manure from the layer farm is up to 75% which is rather wet. Without drying, if sell the fresh chicken manure directly, its price is rather low; if directly add the fresh chicken manure into soil for the crops, then it will burn the root of crops; If directly throw it away, then it will pollute the underground water, generate strong smell and many flies, pollute the environment.

In the market, most of the rotary dryer suppliers do not have actual successful experience on the drying of fresh chicken manure. Usually they will suggest that:

(1) To use mechanical manure dewatering machine to get rid of the water from the fresh chicken manure, and the moisture content of chicken manure can be reduced to be about 40%, then you can use it as organic fertilizer.

But what is the fact ?

— Such mechanical pressing type dewatering machine can not be used for process the fresh chicken manure directly. Firstly you have to put the chicken manure into one water pool, and then use the pump to feed the liquid tye chicken manure into the dewatering machine. After the dewatering machine, the dirty water together with much fine manure goes back to the water pool, and the wet manure mainly with organic material come out of the dewater machine.

As a result, the working area will be very dirty with odor; the wet chicken manure mainly includes organic material, and most of other nutrition elements such as N,P,K goes into water pool, thus the fertilizer quality is not good.

— As for chicken manure, most of the water is inner water. By using such mechanical pressing type dewatering machine,in the best situation, the moisture content of the chicken manure only can be reduce to be about 60%-65%. Such chicken manure is still very wet, of course it is not suitable for packing, and also not suitable to be used as organic fertilizer.

As a result, to use such mechanical pressing type dewatering machines is meaningless and not necessary.

(2) Compost or ferment the chicken manure, and reduce the manure moisture content to be about 40-50% firstly, after that to use the chicken manure drying machine to dry and reduce the moisture content of chicken manure to be about 15% or as need.

To do it in this way, it can help to save some fuel comsumption cost of the chicken manure drying machine.

But it also has the disadvantanges as follows:

— The fermention process will takes about 1 month or even longer time.

— Much large land occuption area is needed.

—  Needs to purchase related mixing machine for the fermentation process.

— More labor cost is needed.

For the small and medium chicken farm, compare with directly to dry the fresh chicken manure, it is not more economical, and even cost more.

For large chicken farm, as the scale benefit, it is suggest to ferment the chicken manure firstly.


Main features of fresh chicken manure drying machine:

Combining the past years’ study and experience in the field of chicken manure drying, Sunco Machinery developed one new type of fresh chicken manure dryer machine which can process and dry the chicken manure with moisture content up to 75% directly.

According to the features of fresh chicken manure, Sunco Engineers optimized the inner design of rotary dryer, and solve the problem that the sticky chicken manure adhere on the inner wall of the dryer machine, and also inside the dryer machine the hot air can heat and dry the wet chicken manure sufficiently.

After the chicken manure drying process, the moisture content of chicken manure can be reduced to be about 15% or as need.  You can directly use it as organic fertilizer for the crops, and you also can firstly make the dry chicken manure into pellet fertilizer, and then sell it with a better price.

Advantages of fresh chicken manure drying machine:

(1) Compact Structure, less land occuption area needed;

(2) High temperature Drying Process, harmful bacterials and worms are killed;

(3) Shorter drying time, only needs about 10-15 minutes the fresh chicken manure will get dry;

(4) Continuously drying process;

(5) Deodorization Tower system helps to lighten the odor of the exhaust air;

(6) All the nutrition elements are left in the dry chicken manure, and only the water is evaporated into vapor and to be got rid of.

(7) For the generated fresh chicken manure by the layer farm, everyday it takes about several hours to dry all of the manure, and then get the dry chicken manure. It helps makes the working field of your chicken farm clean and neat.

(8) One time invest cost is less.

Disadvantages of fresh chicken manure drying machine:

(1) As it is to dry the fresh chicken manure directly, and much of water needs to be evaported into vapor and to be got rid of, thus the furnace system have to supply enough heat for the fresh chicken manure drying machine, and as a result, the fuel consumption will be some higher.


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