Sunco Machinery chicken manure dryer machine is specially designed for drying fresh chicken manure with moisture content up to 75% directly, and it is to use high temperature flue gas to heat and dry wet chicken manure, and after the manure drying process, the moisture content of dry chicken manure can be reduced to be less than 30% or as need.

The dry chicken manure is in powder and pellets type, and dry chicken manure photos are as follows:

Dry chicken manure usually is used as high quality organica fertilizer which has a variety of nutrients necessary for crops. The results showed that the content of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, crude protein and organic matter were 2.6%, 3.5%, 2.5%, 16-25% and 45%, respectively. It is the fertilizer of pollution-free green food planting and can also be used for feeding fish, cattle, pigs, etc.

You can pack the dry chicken manure into bags directly, or to use pellet mill to make the dry chicken manure into organic fertlizer pellets and then sell it with better price in market.

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