The constitution of chicken manure drying system is as follows:

01. Hot Air Furnace System: Usually includes burner and hot air furnace. Burner is used to ignite the fuel, and hot air furnace is used to burn the fuel sufficiently, and generate the hot flue gas for the chicken manure drying machine.

02. Wet Chicken Manure Feeding Device: Usually it is to use screw conveyor to feed the wet chicken manure into chicken manure dryer machine.

03. Chicken Manure Dryer:  Usually consists of hot flue gas inlet, wet manure inlet, inlet cover, outlet cover, dryer cylinder, lifting plates, guide plates, large gear, pinion gear,frequency conversion motor, reducer, large steel frame, heat insulation layer, carreir roller, stop roller, dry manure outlet chute, air tube, etc.

04. Exhaust air and water vapor system: Usually consists of air tube, cyclone dust separator, induced draft fan, exhaust air treatment tower, water pump, recycling water pool, etc.

05. Dry chicken manure Conveying device: Usually it is belt conveyor or screw conveyor.

06. Electric control cabinet: To be used to control all the related motors in the chicken manure drying system.