Brief Introduction of Chicken Manure Drying System :

Chicken Manure Drying System is specially desgined for the drying of fresh chicken manure, poultry manure, fermented chicken manure, etc.

chicken manure drying system

Chicken manure drying system mainly consists of :

— Burner and Hot Air Furnace:  The customers can select the economic fuel such as waste wood, coal, other kinds of biomass fuel, diesel, natural gas, etc. For different kinds of fuel, the design of burner and hot air furnace will be also different accordingly.

— Mechanical Feeding Hopper:  Tractor Shovel feeds the wet chicken manure into mechanical feeding hopper, then mechanical feeding hopper feeds the wet chicken manure into input screw conveyor.

— Input Screw Conveyor:  Feed the wet poultry manure into chicken manure dryer machine.

— Chicken Manure Drying Machine:  Supply drying space and water evaporation space, and help high temperature air to heat and dry the wet chicken manure sufficiently, finally reduce the moisture content of chicken manure to be about 15% or as need. Dry chicken manure come out from the outlet of poultry manure dryer, and exhaust air and water vapor leaves the dryer machine by air duct, and then goes into cyclone dust separator.

— Cyclone Dust Separator: Separates the fine manure powder from the exhaust air and water vapor. Fine manure powder come out through the wind closing device on the bottom, exhaust air and water vapor come out through the top of cyclone dust separator, then pass through the draft fan, finally goes into deodorization tower.

chicken manure drying system

— Draft Fan: Makes high temperature air into the chicken manure dryer, and makes the exhaust air and water vapor out of the drying machine in time.

— Dedodorization Tower: Help to lighten the odor of exhaust air.

— Condensor: After being processed by the condensor, the exhasut air is cooled down, and the water vapor become water. Finally the odor of exhasut air is very little.

chicken manure drying system

— Output Belt Conveyor: Takes away the dry chicken manure from poultry manure dryer machine, and send the dry chicken manure into pellet mill.

— Pellet Mill: Make the dry chicken manure into fertilizer pellets.

— Output Belt Conveyor: Takes the fertilizer pellets into product storage area.

— Electric Control Cabinet: To be used to control all the above machines of the chicken manure drying system.


Necessary Information needed for calculate and design the Chicken Manure Drying System:

(1) What is the usual moisture content (%) of the wet chicken manure ?

(2) How many kgs wet chicken manure do you need to dry per hour ?

(3) Regarding to the heat source, what kind of fuel will you prefer to use such as coal, waste wood, biomass fuel, diesel, natural gas, etc ?

(4) After the drying process, what is the needed output moisture content (%) of the dry chicken manure ?

(5) If you need to make fertilizer pellet, please confirm what kinds of pellet do you need, such as ball type fertilizer pellet, or Cylindrical type fertilizer pellets ?

(6) If you have any other special requirements ?


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