Chicken manure dryer machine is to use hot flue gas to heat the wet manure, and evaporate the water into vapor out of the wet manure quickly and continuously. Thus, the sufficient heat is very important, and also the cheaper fuel also can help save the operation cost significantly.

Then, for the chicken manure dryer, usually what kind of fuel can be used ?

The fuel for the chicken manure dryer usually are waste wood, biomass fuel, coal, diesel, natural gas, etc. The customers have to check and find the cheapest fuel from their local market. In China, usually the coal and waste wood is the cheapest fuel.

After you find the cheapest fuel, then please tell Sunco Machinery, and we can design and supply the related hot air furnace for you accordingly.

If use coal, waste wood as fuel, then can use the coal and waste wood fired hot air furnace;

If use diesel or natural gas as fuel, then can use the special hot air furnace for natural gas and diesel, and also the related diesel burner and natural gas burner is needed.

If use biomass fuel such as palm kernel shell as fuel, then can use related biomass burner and hot air furnace accordingly.

For more detail of chicken manure drying machine, please feel free to send email to us : , and we will contact you within 24 hours.